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This year I started teaching one day workshops.  Each workshop covered a different aspect of watercolor painting.  How to apply glazes and a color value study were a couple of examples.  At the end of the workshop the ladies left with new skills and a good nearly completed watercolor painting.  They really enjoyed themselves as did I.  I am looking forward to teaching other workshops in the fall.  If this interests you  let me know by using my contact page. Continue reading

I did these two Elk paintings on different days.  I call this kind of painting “Fast and Furious.”
I had just completed a commission piece and wanted to loosen up and have some fun.
I completed these pieces in three hours, start to finish.

New Projects


I have started a couple new paintings recently.  One of them is a painting of Orchids.  I enjoy using the bright colors that bring the flowers to life.  I received such positive comments on “My Girlfriends Boots” that I have started another boot painting.  I hope you enjoy them.


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Masa Paper

Masa Paper 2Masa Paper 3I am always trying new things to improve my skills and artistry.  These paintings are done on masa paper which is a type of rice paper.  To begin I get the paper very wet than crinkle it which breaks up the fibers. Than I use ink and watercolors for the painting.  Because the paper is so wet the paint bleeds through to the other side.  I than added to the back side create a scene on that side also.  I am still working to improve and complete this one.